Monday, May 21, 2012

Photos: Melbourne 8/ 1960's Yashica Minister camera

Recently I ran into some good fortune picking up a very well priced, 1960's Japanese Yashica rangefinder film camera. Eager to see if it was in working order I took the camera out for a stroll with some friends over the weekend. Below are a few snaps.. there's definitely learning ahead as the range-finder focuses differently to SLRs, but getting aquatinted is half the fun.

I'm looking forward to taking this 1960's charmer out for another spin.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ink sketch — in progress

It's been a while between posts so here's a little teaser of a sketch to end the week on.
Lately I've been toying with the thought of breaking out of the A4/A3 world with something a bit larger. Unfortunately it seems that the paper currently being used isn't holding the ink as well as I had originally thought. There's is a fair amount of bleed going on making my line work a bit fuzzy. Looks like the hunt is still on for a rolled paper stock that suits detail work.