Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Cupcake Cat: pencil, watercolour

Soon to be released as a card, introducing Cupcake Cat.. a little guy I've been sketching for the last couple of weeks while at my Sunday market.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Bees: brush and ink, gold foil

A piece created recently destined to be shown at the Knowles Gallery Launch, 28th of February 2014, The SPACE Dance and Arts Centre, 318 Chapel St, Prahran VIC 3181.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gig Posters: Blender Lane Artists' Market

Last year I shared the first batch of gig posters created for The Blender Lane Artists' Market. (View previous post here) This year the market continues, Wednesday nights 5-10pm at 110 Franklin Street and so do the posters. (This makes me pretty happy!)

Blender Lane Artists' market hosts an array of free live musical performances every market night. It's an absolute blessing to be able to hang out with other creative folk — have a sketch while enjoying a live gig.

Continuing on from my previous post below are the second round of posters created thus far, hope you dig them as much as I have enjoyed making them.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Zingers — posters and music. Contains artwork by Richard Costa.

This post is a brief summary of works created for Melbourne 'punk' outfit the Zingers, a band which is now no longer. Vocals by my younger brother Richard, drums Bryce, bass Jared, guitar Wes.

For the last couple of years I've had the pleasure of watching the Zingers come to be in various haunts of Melbourne. My first glimpse of the band being at Catfood Press in East Brunswick. With each gig the speed of play became stronger as did the complexity. The sound was raw, challenging (possibly harmoniously offensive), but tight. The room often quiet to the commotion on stage. This was not a 'joke band', nor were they content with creating an 'acceptable' commercial sound. They were an experiment with sound.
The Zingers are not a joke band. The point was to reverse every punk stereotype and counter the pissweak idea of writing “dumb music” and lack of progression that seemed to dominate punk at the time. 
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Zingers, Gasometer September 3 2011
Zingers, Gasometer September 3 2011
Zingers, Gasometer September 3 2011
The Zingers, Disco Beans, June 24 2012
The Zingers, Disco Beans, June 24 2012

As the music evolved artwork followed with posters created by band-members, many often created by Richard. Low-tech cut-and-paste poster artwork photocopied onto office-paper.  Each poster left me impressed. The compositions were a perfect juxtaposition of objects that usually didn't quite belong. There was a quirk element about each flyer which also brought with it a sense of humanity.
Making flyers was a very important aspect of The Zingers. Not only did it keep us creative, it was a way to enforce our grandiose style. Even though there is definitely an underlying aesthetic that relies on late 70's  and 80's flyers,  none were made to look similar. Personally I was amazed by the way John Kricfalusi never re-used the same facial expressions in the Ren And Stimpy show, I always wanted that sort of unpredictable wackiness to transcend. 
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Though the band grew, and held a following, as with all experiments there comes a time when the testing runs dry. The Zingers broke up this year as their LP arrived pressed from the U.S.A. (Artwork also created by Richard). Limited pressings are available from Polyester Records in Melbourne, limited releases in the U.S.A at Easter Bilby Distro  and Video Disease Records. The LP can be found online via

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